Exfacto is a sophisticated news retrieval service. It monitors selected web-based sources -- yours or ours -- to discover tens of thousands of newly published articles and papers each day. Scanning millions of URL's, Exfacto isolates the specific links that best match your interests. The service intelligently discovers the newest, most authoritative links to the original web sources, then delivers the links and related data to you as XML, on the schedule you choose.

Exfacto provides quality news clippings you want, as XML or RSS.

Exfacto's corpus includes approximately 6,200 online news sources whose number, depth, and breadth grows weekly. From these online sources, we identify some 1.5 million URLs daily, then cull these links to over 70,000 new, deduped, relevant articles.

Our process ensures both high-quality and highly-flexible content. Exfacto is able to:

Quickly incorporate additional high-quality content
Deliver timely information on a flexible schedule
Categorize content by resource, country, region, theme, type or other elements
Customize content volume and format (several configurations available)
Provide verified links to original online URLs
Eliminate duplicates and non-productive links
Handle non-structured news extracted from raw HTML

Our sources range from major daily newspapers to small local papers, corporate press pages to government information sites. This exceptional online content all is available as PRISM-compliant XML.

Please contact us to discover how Exfacto might enhance your offering.