These samples are generated automatically from the Exfacto database. They display, in human-readable format, a subset of the PRISM-compliant XML data available. Most samples include at least: excerpts; a live link to the original article; title (and section where relevant); resource name; and timestamp for Exfacto's discovery of the article.

Data displayed in custom formats may add: theme; observed article length (words or characters); country code, region, city, and frequency of publication for the resource of origin, and various others.

Topics Exfacto
World News
A random sample of world news articles from the past few hours.
Exfacto World News
Business News
A random sample of business news articles from the past few hours.
Exfacto Business News
Dynamic Example (custom format)
Articles focused on the December 26, 2004 tsunami, and 2008 Cyclone Nargis, updated daily. These selected articles represent a portion of tsunami- and cyclone-related Exfacto content. Articles were selected automatically for references to the human toll, or financial support.
Exfacto Tsunami and Cyclone Events
Automated query-based RSS
Current articles matching queries for the Anti-Phishing Working Group, updated several times daily. Exfacto creates the RSS feed, readable by any RSS-capable tool. From one feed, APWG displays excerpts on their Phishing and eCrime News, and may display excerpts, or only linked headlines, elsewhere on their site. Below, a simple javascript call displays the most recent update.

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