How often does Exfacto gather new material?
Exfacto gathers material from web-based news and information resources every day, around the clock. Its scanning schedule allows discovery of all new pages linked from every Exfacto resource within the day those pages first appear.

From which news and information resources does Exfacto gather new material?
Exfacto gathers material from thousands of high quality web-based resources including:

Magazines covering international, business, regional and cultural topics
Major daily newspapers, including English language resources worldwide
Regional daily and weekly newspapers from throughout North America
Local daily and weekly newspapers from throughout the United States
News-themed web sites (such as CNET, CNN, and MSNBC)
Trade, professional, political, cultural, and technical journals
Wire services' collected and recently reported online works
Online portals to regional and local radio and TV stations
Professional, technical, and government databases
Business development and reporting resources
Corporate notices and press release pages
News release and media outreach sites
News group indices and summaries
Personal and professional web logs
Intranet servers configured and secured to permit Exfacto agent access

What if I'm only interested in a few resources rather than thousands?
Exfacto allows you to select the resources you want, and exclude any others. For example, you may choose material only from California-based technology resources, non-US serial publications, local broadcast outlets, East Coast newspapers, or any other combination of theme, location, and type.

Can I request that Exfacto add other web resources important to me?
Absolutely. If you're aware that a valuable resource is absent, just send Customer Services the link you want. If the site is accessible, we'll add the resource for you.