Privacy Policy

What information do you collect on me?
In addition to the contact information you provide as an Exfacto customer (name, address, phone number, and e-mail address), we retrieve information about your browser type and version when you log on to Exfacto. This information allows us to provide you the most relevant and useful service possible, and address your needs efficiently. We safeguard your information at all times.

My account reveals my interests. Will this be shared outside Exfacto?
No, absolutely not. Your account is private. We respect your privacy. This assurance cannot exempt us from complying with a court order. Please keep your online activities legal. We aren't checking, but someone else might be.

Please understand that Exfacto support staff will review new content, to help improve both the service and your specific results. Experienced internet users know that -- in any venue, on any site, for any service -- unencrypted data is likely being reviewed for quality control purposes.

Aren't there people who can break into any computer on the Internet?
Just about anything can happen. However, Exfacto was designed to be as secure as possible. Among our staff and consultants are people who have worked for groups that secure (or test) computers against these very risks. We do not believe Exfacto is an impenetrable fortress. However, we know that Exfacto's physical and logical structure is as secure as today's business technology allows.

How do I keep you from selling my name or e-mail address?
It's already taken care of: We don't.

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