Business and Technical Staff

Exfacto's team members are among the best in their fields, a diverse group whose expertise ranges from business management to the most advanced aspects of internet technology.

Name Position
Gary E. Stock CEO and Technical Compass
Brian McWilliams Interface Designer and Programmer
Aaron Smith Network Director

Gary E. Stock, Chief Executive Officer and Technical Compass
Before co-founding Exfacto, Gary envisioned and lead the team to develop Nexcerpt, a web-based news clipping and publishing service that intelligently extracts relevant excerpts from thousands of online news sources according to user queries. Previously, Stock was CTO of InGenius Technologies, creators of the javElink change monitoring service, Daily Diffs, and EgoSurf.com. In early 2000, a San Francisco enterprise search firm acquired InGenius, its sites, services, contracts and clients.

Previously, as Special Projects Cryptanalyst with the National Security Agency, Gary provided design and programming support for a variety of statistical modeling and communications analyses. His experience at NSA included daily use of the most powerful, codeword-classified technology on the planet.

Gary has been a presenter at numerous industry events, including Infonortics Search Engine Conference in Boston, Information Today National Online Meeting in New York, and the Conference of the Association for Global Strategic Intelligence in The Hague. His views also have been featured on BBC and CNN, as well as in major print media in the US and Europe.

Stock has been interviewed widely regarding the culture and intrigue of a compelling web search style he calls "Googlewhacking." Feature reports by USA Today, Next@CNN, and Reuters were echoed in major dailies worldwide, as well as web, broadcast, and print venues in over a dozen languages.

Brian McWilliams, Interface Designer and Programmer (Consulting Advisor)
Brian has worked creatively with computers for over fourteen years. As a software engineer at SPX Corporation, Brian focused his efforts on programming automobile emissions reduction software. Later, with The Edge Design, he designed and programmed web sites integrated with e-commerce and database components using dynamic elements such as JavaScript, CSS Stylesheets, animation, and CGI scripts written in C, PERL, and PHP.

Aaron Smith, Network Director (Consulting Advisor)
Aaron's expertise covers design, configuration and maintenance of internal and external networks, as well as technical security. He has managed and implemented technical standards from the earliest tools of the Internet to the most advanced networks of today. Aaron was the first employee at Netlink Systems, a Michigan ISP which was sold to Voyager.net and subsequently taken public. Aaron's role as Manager of the Technical Support division of Voyager included installation and administration of routers, servers, workstations, and telecommunications for dial-in points of presence throughout Michigan. Upon joining InGenius/EoExchange, he dramatically expanded the stability and capacity of the company's services. Aaron is currently affiliated with Kalamazoo College.

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